Sep 11, 2009

Band Members Wanted!

The hottest and craziest week of the year drawing near,
Yokohama Marching Band is globally recruiting new members!

- One who wants to have some fun playing musical instruments
but has no musical experience in the real world;
- One who has played in the marching band in the real world
but does not think marching is possible in Second Life;
- One who tried to play the musical instruments
but gave it up thinking it was too difficult.....

Why won't you join us in playing music in Second Life
and have a lot of fun together!
If you don't have a real life experience or don't have musical instruments,
Don't worry a thing!
Love for music is enough. ;)

Meanwhile, band supporters are also wanted.
Supporters cannot only give hoorays to the band at the events
but play the musical instruments as members of drills or parades!
Isn't it nice? ;)

Sounds interesting?
Feel free contacting anyone of the following staff by inworld IM
to ask for more information:

Catty Erde
taichi Debbel
Hiroshi Kumaki

Yokohama Marching Band - What We Do
- Stage Drills (video courtesy by SLTV on occasion of SL24 Festival 2009)

- Parades (video courtesy by Caolila)

- Special Festival Chamber Orchestra Division


Q. Sounds interesting. But I've never played the musical instruments in RL.
A. No problem. You will make a great musician in Second Life! We practice several times before the day of performance and the experienced members will help you to get over any difficulties.

Q. I don't have musical instruments. Nor appropriate attire. Will I have to buy them?
A. Instruments and costumes necessary for performance are provided by the band. You don't have to pay a penny for them.

Q. As a member, will I have to appear at every events? It seems impossible for me.
A. You can play at the events only when it is convenient for you.

Q. What should I do when an unexpected business comes up on the day of performance?
A. Please give priority to the real world matter. If it's not impossible to play, please let us know as soon as possible so we can look for someone for your part.

Q. Will I have to pay for enrollment or membership?
A. There's no enrollment or membership fee. You don't have to pay a penny to join. Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン

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