Apr 17, 2009

4/26/2009 Jabara Land 2nd anniversary Parade

DATE;04/26/2009 05:00am(SLT) about 1hour
The meeting time; 04:30am(SLT)
A set place;http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jabara%20Land/123/230/28/?title=Jabara%20Land%20Parade&msg=Start%20point

This event parades over the land and the sea.
Jabara Land is land walk.
Jabara Atlantis is surface of the sea walk.
This event is a stage performance and a parade of 2SIM.

It experiences one SIM border. lol
Your fear is only once,too. rofl
I am a pleasure how many people are safe. :-]
Am I a sadist? aha
No! I pray for the safety of all members.
I am an angel! hehehe ;)

It plays it after the parade end on a stage. It is photography time. Let's take a good face together!
Do not forget it. Let's enjoy the parade together!

By the way!
Do you finish the application for parade?
It is the most important thing.
tyvm! bcnu;)

This plan is all virtual world.http://secondlife.com/



  1. Please comment without being afraid of all of you.
    I am not a ghost and a monster.:-E

  2. I completed the preparations for this parade.:)

    Place guidance;

  3. The parade was finished without a trouble.
    I thank for the cooperation of the participation member.
    I hope you participate in the next parade too.
    And I hope for the parade that many members participate in.tyvm. tyvm all members! tyvm Catty! cua;)