Apr 17, 2009


This blog is YOKOHAMA MARCHING BAND in second life(Virtual space). http://secondlife.com/
Now we have Japanese member and UK member about 100 members.

I want here all band members to use here as a cmmunication space.Please use it but no Slander and no commercials from real life;)

I introduce myself. My name is winds Seiling. I live in Japan.I have been in second life for three years.The marching band makes use of experience from my rial life.Yes!I play a musical instrument for sometimes real!
I am helped in second life by many friends and work as the captain of this band.
I try hard from now on so that all of you are happy in world, and sohelp us with many important parades. tyvm.

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  1. I sent the guide of the exercise to all members. It is a combination exercise with the first UK branch office. It is exercise time when it is short. It is punctuality. It is severe with difference in time. Let's do it happily together.