Jun 24, 2009

SL6B begins!

SL6B which began at last.
It was the holding of the delay for one hour on the first day.
Therefore we did not perform the event of the parade and paraded experimentally instead.
Participants many in spite of a change of time!I was surprised.
I have pleasure and fear very much how a future parade and stage drill turn out.
I do not show the address of the exhibition here. Because there is the exhibition where I do not pursue the number of people that there is too much in.
Please search the one that I want to watch in IM or SL6B to me.

Jun 5, 2009

We participate!

We participate in The Second Life 6th Birthday Celebration .
We practice with a new system now. It will surely become the announcement there.
What is a new system?  Probably it yet attack anyone in SL.
It is a stage drill!
What is a stage drill? The style that it changes formation while moving on a stage and plays.

Everyvody please just wait! :) Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン