Jul 3, 2010


Jul.03 is the last day of Second Life 7th Birthday,
which has last for 2 weeks.

In the first week, we had a lot of performances
with pop singer Yasutaka Koba, soprano singer Haruno Watanabe,
DJs Nervous Habana, MAO Lisle, and genta Zabelin
with fabulous kimono dancers Milky MAIHIME.
Unitan Grau and Ryo Maynard from V.L.T.G also made
unique and wonderful performances at our venue.
Yes, a lot of wonderful performances of wonderful guests
and a lot of wonderful people who visited our site and enjoyed
all those performances.
We thank them all.

Yes, to appreciate everyone involved in this birthday party
and to celebrate and commemorate this 2 week long event,
the Yokohama Marching Band will host a final event at our venue
entitled "SAYONARA SL7B!"

Please find details below.
We're looking forward to seeing you there! :)

Place: http://slurl.com/secondlife/SL7B%20Unique/177/49/21/
06:00 SLT (22:00 JST) Yokohama Memorial Orchestra
07:00 SLT (23:00 JST) Hiroshi Kumaki (synth)
07:45 SLT (23:45 JST) Haruno Watanabe (Soprano)
08:45 SLT (24:45 JST) Yokohama Marching Band
09:15 SLT (25:15 JST) DJ MAO Lisle Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン