Sep 23, 2010

Here on the Playa Again! - Burn 2.0

Burn 2.0, a new name for Burning Life, one of the most biggest annual event in Second Life, is just around the corner. The celebration of fire, art and community will take place from Saturday Oct.16 to Sunday Oct.24 this year. Yes, the YOKOHAMA MARCHING BAND will join this festivity by setting up our camp with naturalway Flow's Music StarMine and giving various musical events.

Back on the vast empty playa, we are beginning to build our camp and organizing event schedules. The more detailed information will be updated on this blog. And if you're interested in playing with the YOKOHAMA MARCHING BAND as a member, please feel free to contact Hiroshi Kumaki or winds Seiling by sending IM.

We are looking forward to having good times with you on the playa again. :) Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン