Nov 26, 2009

Next Event! Nov 29th 09

I want to show you the next concert :D
Date&Time Nov 29th 05:00am(SLT)

05:00~05:40 Yokohama Kinen Orchestra
1. Hiroshi Kumaki:ONE
2. Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Pas de deux  3. Hiroshi Kumaki:Una tristeza de verano
4. Paul Abraham Dukas:L'Apprenti sorcier,
scherzo symphonique
5. John Dowland & Hiroshi Kumaki:
05:50~06:20 Yasutaka Koba Special LIVE

06:30~07:00 Yokohama Marching Band
STAGE DRILL Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン

Oct 28, 2009

Day 3 For the Future

Day 3 For the Future

DATE&TIME:OCT 28th 2009 06:00〜07:00am



Oct 27, 2009

Ended Burning Life!

It was verry happy ivent.But some members was suffered.
Because It seemed to be the child whom it cannot share a cake with... rofl
I intend to surely grow up...
I suffer together, and I think it to want to continue being such a team to be able to enjoy
The average traffic density of the holding period...5000/day
It was very lively.
I look forward to a day to be able to meet many all of you again on a stage.

Oct 17, 2009

Countdown start for Barning Life?

Burning Life is begins soon!
It is the event that we had been waiting for...
We prepared a lot of astonishments into there.
You who are a reader of this blog.
You will enjoy it together, too

Sep 26, 2009

About the next event request

I'm pleased to inform you of our next event.

The date and time!
2009/10/10 06:00am~07:00am(PDT) 22:00pm~23:00pm(JST)
"Hiroshi Kumaki with YOKOHAMA MARCHING BAND chamber orchestra"

2009/10/11 06:00am~06:30am(PDT) 22:00~pm22:30pm(JST)


I gathered up this stage drill mainly based on the motion of the band in real world.
It will surely surprise you!
I think that you do not understand that you do not watch it!
Though think that is an unnecessary thing; ...

Those who do not see this event will suffer a great loss!

You should look once in a lifetime! rofl Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン

Sep 16, 2009

I Saw It!

The marching band is the first participation for this event.

I went for confirmation.


We begin with the place making an article in this desert.

You think what is made to be surely interested.

And Now...

Material is carried to the spot by airship.

rofl lol

I saw it!

This carpenter is bright.

The desert does not have water.

Therefore it is the appearance of the well.

Sep 15, 2009

Participate in Burning Life!

We applied to Burning Life of Linden. It passed examination. The group which passed examination in all application groups is only 52.
This is surprising! rofl

The following reference. Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン

Sep 13, 2009

09/13/2009 Exercise!

09/13/2009 AM2:00~&AM5:00~ (PDT)

We practice the stage drill for New version.(Marching)
As for it, the visit is possible, too.

Exercise place

You should come if you feel interest.
Therefore you may confirm what we do.
If you watch it if you are interested in marching,
I think that surely you want to do it with us. rofl
I wait for you! ;) Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン

Sep 11, 2009

Band Members Wanted!

The hottest and craziest week of the year drawing near,
Yokohama Marching Band is globally recruiting new members!

- One who wants to have some fun playing musical instruments
but has no musical experience in the real world;
- One who has played in the marching band in the real world
but does not think marching is possible in Second Life;
- One who tried to play the musical instruments
but gave it up thinking it was too difficult.....

Why won't you join us in playing music in Second Life
and have a lot of fun together!
If you don't have a real life experience or don't have musical instruments,
Don't worry a thing!
Love for music is enough. ;)

Meanwhile, band supporters are also wanted.
Supporters cannot only give hoorays to the band at the events
but play the musical instruments as members of drills or parades!
Isn't it nice? ;)

Sounds interesting?
Feel free contacting anyone of the following staff by inworld IM
to ask for more information:

Catty Erde
taichi Debbel
Hiroshi Kumaki

Yokohama Marching Band - What We Do
- Stage Drills (video courtesy by SLTV on occasion of SL24 Festival 2009)

- Parades (video courtesy by Caolila)

- Special Festival Chamber Orchestra Division


Q. Sounds interesting. But I've never played the musical instruments in RL.
A. No problem. You will make a great musician in Second Life! We practice several times before the day of performance and the experienced members will help you to get over any difficulties.

Q. I don't have musical instruments. Nor appropriate attire. Will I have to buy them?
A. Instruments and costumes necessary for performance are provided by the band. You don't have to pay a penny for them.

Q. As a member, will I have to appear at every events? It seems impossible for me.
A. You can play at the events only when it is convenient for you.

Q. What should I do when an unexpected business comes up on the day of performance?
A. Please give priority to the real world matter. If it's not impossible to play, please let us know as soon as possible so we can look for someone for your part.

Q. Will I have to pay for enrollment or membership?
A. There's no enrollment or membership fee. You don't have to pay a penny to join. Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン

Our big plan in progress!

It is fusion with the RL band of the UK!
The name of the band is "The Red Hot Chilli Pipers"
As for us, it was admitted use of the music and the use of the name by them.


Sep 9, 2009

We apply for the participation to burninglife!

We apply for the participation to burninglife!!
We have intention of the participation following SL6B.
It must participate as the event that we confront every difficulty.
Will you want to watch the marching that concentrated our thought?rofl
You may watch novel marching if we can participate!
If a request of the participation comes for the parade of the opening, it is delight.
Wait a little; and ... I sleep unless I think about the circumstances of the difference in time. lol
I think about such a thing and laugh alone. rofl Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン

The music festival of the late summer


(5:00-5:45 SLT) * Hiroshi Kumaki with YMB chamber orchestra

(6:00-6:30 SLT) * YMB Stage Drill

(6:45-7:15 SLT) Muse Sawson

(7:30-8:00 SLT) * YMB Stage Drill

It was very severe environment. The performance in the obstacle.

A change of clothes. Wearing. All is an event in the state of the worst.

However, there is a very comfortable sense of fulfilment when it was finished without giving all up.

There are us who continue demanding it there.

Bear's hot spring opening event

We make one guest of honor happy with every effort.
We gather members to surprise one guest of honor.
It makes many spectators happy that we delight one guest of honor.

Because we delight one guest of honor, everybody can enjoy it and can be pleased.
Do not you experience such an ultimate joyride together by all means?

It has uneasiness in the greatest number of people by the event of the mainland.
I love a member having such a thing.


Aug 3, 2009

Ended SL24 in Japan (3times concert)

You had better watch this than I wrote in various things. rofl
It is the broadcast recording of the yesterday's stage drill.(Unfortunately it is only Japanese)
Please look by all means !

I am praised by this recording much! rofl
Special thanks;SLTV

Jul 13, 2009

8/2 20:00~ SL24 in Jabara Land

We do an announcement of the first performance in second life to Japanese all of you.We performed three times publicly so far. However, I know that there is the person who does not know this performance in great numbers still more.

I make many animation for a performance to make look beautiful for you. ;-)

This stage invited two friends. The two people are Mr,Yasutaka Koba and Mr,Hiroshi Kumaki.They are the pianists who are very famous in Japan.Please hear their performance and song of different types by all means. Please look without forgetting our stage drill!Please come to here with your friends!


Jul 3, 2009

A great success! 【SL6B】

We participated in consecutive events for the first time for one week.
It gave us splendid experience.

When there was not me, it got possible to do a parade.

We got possible to perform a stage drill in an in world.
This may be a terrible thing.
I thank for Catty which made a picture!

I like past places for seven minutes of this picture.
It is beautiful, and I force it, and the beauty is great great admiration! rofl
I ask all members who watched this blog!
Participate in the exercise of the drill so that you stand in the stage! lol Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン

Jun 24, 2009

SL6B begins!

SL6B which began at last.
It was the holding of the delay for one hour on the first day.
Therefore we did not perform the event of the parade and paraded experimentally instead.
Participants many in spite of a change of time!I was surprised.
I have pleasure and fear very much how a future parade and stage drill turn out.
I do not show the address of the exhibition here. Because there is the exhibition where I do not pursue the number of people that there is too much in.
Please search the one that I want to watch in IM or SL6B to me.

Jun 5, 2009

We participate!

We participate in The Second Life 6th Birthday Celebration .
We practice with a new system now. It will surely become the announcement there.
What is a new system?  Probably it yet attack anyone in SL.
It is a stage drill!
What is a stage drill? The style that it changes formation while moving on a stage and plays.

Everyvody please just wait! :) Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン

May 19, 2009

A very hard parade was finished!

Bay City parade was finished! It was very heard parade.
It cannot move. I cannot operate it.
It may be said that it ended it somehow.
I think that the thing which we got in this parade is big.
The next parade got conviction possible better.
I challenge the border of sim with much malfunction from now on.
Because the parade to be over commonly is not interesting.

May 17, 2009

The exercise of the parade!


I become a difference in time comedian as weak-headed character in the country.
The parade is insufficient one day more later.
Is it the resistance of such a member? No!
It is an effort of the members. Thought to be said to want to do a good parade together!
I hope that you come to look!
Viewing area is here!

May 14, 2009

I completed the preparations for Bay City parade!

I completed the preparations for parade!
I sent a musical instrument / HUD and clothes to a participation decision member.
When you who participate do not receive it, please contact me as soon as possible.
By the way, it is the guidance of the seat for many people coming to watch a parade!

Viewing area1

Viewing area2

Viewing area3 Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン

May 6, 2009

Let's exercise Parade!

May 10th 2009 04:00am(PDT) Practice of Parade in BAY CITY
We practice in a parade course on the next time.

It is Japan and a combination exercise with the UK branch office.
You who cannot participate!
You have a chance to look at the parade course.
But,, it is an attendant when there are many members...


ABOUT SECOND LIFE Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン

Apr 28, 2009

Next Parade offer:)

Next parade offer is "BAY CITY First Birthday Celebration

It's Main Land of Linden (use about 20SIM)

DATE and TIME; 12:30pm to 01:30pm(SLT) May17th,2009

This time is 04:30am to 05:30am(JST) :'-( very,very early time!
By the way, how many participants may I obtain in this parade?God request! Give me many participants!

Jabara Land PARADE memory!

This picture is the performance that I performed after the parade of the other day.

My close friend photographed it .
I who was in charge of driving in a parade do not have a photograph.
Please photograph to me!

ty Charlotte! I got SS from her.

Apr 18, 2009

About the results of the past of the marching band

Our marching band has begun to walk by 3/09/2008 15:30~ Minatomirai SIM~Nihonodori SIM(Coming and going)
It was very long time parade. about 2.5hours over.
First time parade was very tired and strain.
It was a brilliant start.

This placce parade encored it in the next week.

It is the member recruitment video which it used this parade for.

We performed in total ten times of parades in 2008.

This video is an advertisement of the parades that is Japanese style.

Apr 17, 2009

4/26/2009 Jabara Land 2nd anniversary Parade

DATE;04/26/2009 05:00am(SLT) about 1hour
The meeting time; 04:30am(SLT)
A set place;

This event parades over the land and the sea.
Jabara Land is land walk.
Jabara Atlantis is surface of the sea walk.
This event is a stage performance and a parade of 2SIM.

It experiences one SIM border. lol
Your fear is only once,too. rofl
I am a pleasure how many people are safe. :-]
Am I a sadist? aha
No! I pray for the safety of all members.
I am an angel! hehehe ;)

It plays it after the parade end on a stage. It is photography time. Let's take a good face together!
Do not forget it. Let's enjoy the parade together!

By the way!
Do you finish the application for parade?
It is the most important thing.
tyvm! bcnu;)

This plan is all virtual world.



This blog is YOKOHAMA MARCHING BAND in second life(Virtual space).
Now we have Japanese member and UK member about 100 members.

I want here all band members to use here as a cmmunication space.Please use it but no Slander and no commercials from real life;)

I introduce myself. My name is winds Seiling. I live in Japan.I have been in second life for three years.The marching band makes use of experience from my rial life.Yes!I play a musical instrument for sometimes real!
I am helped in second life by many friends and work as the captain of this band.
I try hard from now on so that all of you are happy in world, and sohelp us with many important parades. tyvm.