Nov 11, 2010

Decision Paris Event Schedule

Sun 12th December 2010 04:30~05:30 PST Marchingband Parade

05:30~06:00 PST Marchingband Stage Drill

Sun 19th December 2010 04:30~05:30 PST Marchingband Parade

05:30~06:30 PST Orchestra Concert


For the parade, we have created a new parade car specially for Paris.

And the costume will also be Parisien style.

(If you are familiar, you may imagine Garde republicaine of Paris.)

Now why won't you parade in a beautiful streets of Paris in a new style?

Now the members to perform in this event are wanted.

Report of BURN(ended)

This year we planned meny event in BURN.

It was dream of entertainer in Japan(SL).

They was verry burn and heart up on stage.

Weekly summary = More than 7,000 average daily.

Thanks to many visitors and entertainer.

Thanks to menbers!

Thanks Doc!

Thanks Budster!

Thanks Dusty!

Thanks BURN!

"We must come again next year!"