Apr 28, 2009

Next Parade offer:)

Next parade offer is "BAY CITY First Birthday Celebration

It's Main Land of Linden (use about 20SIM)

DATE and TIME; 12:30pm to 01:30pm(SLT) May17th,2009

This time is 04:30am to 05:30am(JST) :'-( very,very early time!
By the way, how many participants may I obtain in this parade?God request! Give me many participants!

Jabara Land PARADE memory!

This picture is the performance that I performed after the parade of the other day.

My close friend photographed it .
I who was in charge of driving in a parade do not have a photograph.
Please photograph to me!

ty Charlotte! I got SS from her.

Apr 18, 2009

About the results of the past of the marching band

Our marching band has begun to walk by 3/09/2008 15:30~ Minatomirai SIM~Nihonodori SIM(Coming and going)
It was very long time parade. about 2.5hours over.
First time parade was very tired and strain.
It was a brilliant start.

This placce parade encored it in the next week.

It is the member recruitment video which it used this parade for.

We performed in total ten times of parades in 2008.

This video is an advertisement of the parades that is Japanese style.

Apr 17, 2009

4/26/2009 Jabara Land 2nd anniversary Parade

DATE;04/26/2009 05:00am(SLT) about 1hour
The meeting time; 04:30am(SLT)
A set place;http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jabara%20Land/123/230/28/?title=Jabara%20Land%20Parade&msg=Start%20point

This event parades over the land and the sea.
Jabara Land is land walk.
Jabara Atlantis is surface of the sea walk.
This event is a stage performance and a parade of 2SIM.

It experiences one SIM border. lol
Your fear is only once,too. rofl
I am a pleasure how many people are safe. :-]
Am I a sadist? aha
No! I pray for the safety of all members.
I am an angel! hehehe ;)

It plays it after the parade end on a stage. It is photography time. Let's take a good face together!
Do not forget it. Let's enjoy the parade together!

By the way!
Do you finish the application for parade?
It is the most important thing.
tyvm! bcnu;)

This plan is all virtual world.http://secondlife.com/



This blog is YOKOHAMA MARCHING BAND in second life(Virtual space). http://secondlife.com/
Now we have Japanese member and UK member about 100 members.

I want here all band members to use here as a cmmunication space.Please use it but no Slander and no commercials from real life;)

I introduce myself. My name is winds Seiling. I live in Japan.I have been in second life for three years.The marching band makes use of experience from my rial life.Yes!I play a musical instrument for sometimes real!
I am helped in second life by many friends and work as the captain of this band.
I try hard from now on so that all of you are happy in world, and sohelp us with many important parades. tyvm.