Jul 13, 2009

8/2 20:00~ SL24 in Jabara Land

We do an announcement of the first performance in second life to Japanese all of you.We performed three times publicly so far. However, I know that there is the person who does not know this performance in great numbers still more.

I make many animation for a performance to make look beautiful for you. ;-)

This stage invited two friends. The two people are Mr,Yasutaka Koba and Mr,Hiroshi Kumaki.They are the pianists who are very famous in Japan.Please hear their performance and song of different types by all means. Please look without forgetting our stage drill!Please come to here with your friends!


Jul 3, 2009

A great success! 【SL6B】

We participated in consecutive events for the first time for one week.
It gave us splendid experience.

When there was not me, it got possible to do a parade.

We got possible to perform a stage drill in an in world.
This may be a terrible thing.
I thank for Catty which made a picture!

I like past places for seven minutes of this picture.
It is beautiful, and I force it, and the beauty is great great admiration! rofl
I ask all members who watched this blog!
Participate in the exercise of the drill so that you stand in the stage! lol Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン