Mar 12, 2011

Great Earthquakes in Japan!

I cannot help but writing about the great earthquake in Japan. In fact, it was not a single earthquake: Several earthquakes occurred almost simultaneously in different places. Tsunami does not give enough away. Aftershocks are still following. The maximum earthquake was 7 on the Japanese intensity scale with the magnitude of 8.8. 12 hours after the earthquake, we were surprised by the location of the seismic center. There were three centers. Off the coast of Sendai, off the coast of Ibaragi and even in Nagano, the inland Japan! The dead and missing persons are under the destroyed houses or buildings or swallowed underwater. Even the most crowed areas of the cities were swallowed by the tsunamis. People all over the world should not forget this lesson. The tsunami was terrible. Fortunately, there were no victims of our band members. Many thanks for the messages from the world of condolence, sympathy and encouragement. Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン

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