Mar 20, 2011

YMB Cancelled Burnal Equinox

As all the world might be aware,
the great earthquake struck Japan and devastated many cities and towns.
The consequent accident of an atomic power station
that supplies electricity to the Tokyo metropolitan area
causes the power shortage in this region.
The planned power outage is conducted almost everyday.

As such being the case, the Yokohama Marching Band
has regrettably decided to cancel its performance in Burnal Equinox.
Instead, we are resolved to cooperate in recovering the suffered region
and in revitalizing Japan in a way or another each of our members can.

We sincerely appreciate the Burn2 staff who have invited us to the event
and all the residents who are looking forward to our show.
We don't know when, but we are sure to come back to the playa.
Please wait for us until then.

Thanks again and best wishes to you all. Twitter「つぶやく」ボタン

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  1. We miss you, Hiroshi, and our hearts are with you and all our fellow Japan Burners.